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Milestone reached March 4, 2020 100,000 signatures

In 2007 Governor Charlie Crist signed an illegal agreement called a “Compact” with the Seminole Tribe of Florida and before the lawmakers could even hear this the Tribe were off running illegal games such as Black Jack, however, it is there Modus Operandi going back to 1979 when they opened up an illegal bingo hall, financed by Meyer Lansky, known Mafia accountant.

The Supreme court of Florida found this “Compact” illegal in 2010, yet this Tribe ignored that order, once again an “In Your Face” defiance. Just how bad is this so-called “Compact” which in reality is a “Monopoly”? VERY BAD!
How could they get away with this in broad daylight? That answer is to have a ton of cash laying around for politicians and lobbyists and hide behind the PC police that does not allow anyone to tell the truth about an Indian.

This illegal “Monopoly ” allows these Seminoles to control the entire state of Florida when it comes to gambling. They positioned themselves with huckster lobbyist and weak politicians that now has made them a $50 billion dollar enterprise. They eliminated any competition with this “Compact” by promising Florida $300 million dollars a year in tax revenue but for the last two years, they have not paid one penny.

Think about it? This “Compact” eliminated the voters of Florida from making a choice, either no gambling or gambling open to capitalism, the free market system. That option was never offered to the citizens of Florida. This Compact/Monopoly is a complete sham and illegal from every position and every standpoint.

What would the competition bring? First, let us look at the Florida economy:

“Florida’s $1.0 trillion dollar economy is the fourth largest in the United States. If it were a country, Florida would be the 16th largest economy in the world, and the 58th most populous, 24 million as of 2018.”

Today with this “Compact” in place Florida was promised by the Tribe $300 million per year, but even the last two years were not paid, oh yeah these funds, wherever they are, wherever they come from are not accounted for, as the billions in cash are never accounted for, hidden behind the “Sovereign Nation” status
granted by Congress. Back to competition and why this “Monopoly” never wants it. Right now Florida with its great climate, its wonderful beaches, and fabulous tourism is the most desirable place to open a casino, it would dwarf even Vegas in tax revenue. Studies conclude that within five years from opening the casino market Florida citizens would be the beneficiary of 30 times + of what this illegal “Compact” offers, or $10,000,000,000. Billion dollars annually.

How do we rank on casino tax revenue? A dismal 16th place, even states without the weather, without the beaches, without tourism, beats us, but all of them have one thing in common, they all offer the American way, Free Enterprise. Tiny Rhode Island with two casinos generates double the tax revenue then this stupid Compact.

As it stands today Florida and our lawmakers have not signed the new “Compact” with the Seminole Tribe and it should never be signed and if the politicians fail us and do sign it, then all should be thrown out of office. The reason is not all about the potential massive tax revenue it would generate and play well for the Florida people, but to have a group of lawless people that have amassed a $50 billion dollar fortune which has ZERO oversight, yes that means all cash generated by this Tribe is NEVER accounted for, not by one auditor, not by one representative in office, not by one COP, not federal, not state, not local.
And by operating without competition they are a monopoly, and no monopoly ever works for the average person, please note:

“Monopolies can be criticized because of their potential negative effects on the consumer, including Restricting output onto the market. Charging a higher price than in a more competitive market. Reducing consumer surplus and economic welfare.”

Today in Florida I am happy to announce we have a conservative government in charge and if they hear the roar from us they will do the right thing, so please sign this petition to make sure everyone is doing the right thing… The choice is simple: Let Florida citizens vote for Open Gambling or No Gambling.


Thank you,

Freedom Fate Foundation.

Signed 240339
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  • bob

    I have played many times at this crooked house of gambling…. these people are crooks. I hope they loe there license or whatever it is called…

  • Jim

    Damn sure Bob these people are crooks…. I am an ex cop and I cannot understand how other cops can allow what goes on in these places. I have only bee to the place a few times and every time I see the drug dealers blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars… where are the cops?

  • Joe

    Cops, ha, what a joke, I work in this place sadly to say and the cops are all Seminole Tribe cops, will never do anything against the bosses, they have never had an arrest. Well they cannot unless they get permission and that permission comes from some pretty bad asses…

  • mary

    My friend had a serious accident on that property broke a few of her ribs and fractured an arm, that was four years ago and it looks like they did not even pay for the hospital bills, even the ambulance that arrived billed her.
    From what I understand they NEVER pay anyone who gets hurt on the property, how can that be possible???
    So yes take away this “Compact” the faster the better..

  • paula

    yes, I also fell down in that place, did not gt hurt to bad but they wouldn’t even call an ambulance… I have no idea how they are in business..

  • jesus

    I am a player and I go to dozens of casinos all over the world, in fact I can be considered a “Whale” by some and after spending a few days at this Hard Rock casino, I will never go back, the odds are so out of whack in the casinos behalf, you have to be crazy to play their. I guess having a monopoly is a good thing for this Tribe but not so good for the players.

    • kyle

      I know what you mean Jesus, even in the Bahamas it is much better odds….

  • Kimberly Seltzer

    I went there with a couple of my friends and we were shocked at the prices! We all said that we would not go back. They are ripping off the public and this is disgusting for the billions of dollars that they are worth!

  • Maria Gonzalez

    I totally agree Kimberly! I don’t know how anyone can afford to go there and I never hear that anyone wins!

  • Jose

    A group of us went to the HRC and were shocked at the at the price of food. How can they charge $25 for a burger? This is just wrong! With all of the money they have, this is ridiculous! I won’t go there again!!!

  • Raoul

    I don’t know how anyone can spend a day there with the pricing structure they have!

  • Jim

    I read about one guy that won over $200,000 and these robbers would not pay him. He had to hire a lawyer and fight them! He did finally win the case. I don’t trust these criminals at all!!! I will never go to their casinos again…the Seminole establishment should be ashamed of themselves!

  • Simon

    Jim, I have heard similar stories and also that they don’t abide by their contractual agreements!

  • Julian

    I don’t know how the State of Florida can allow this monopoly to continue! It’s just wrong!

  • Lisa

    Yes, I think that other casinos should be able to operate in this state not just the Seminole casinos!
    This is not fair and now on top of it they have not paid the State of Florida the $300 million for two years in their compact agreement. How can they get away with this?

  • Juan

    I have played at many different casinos around the world and found that the odds of winning are next to null. What’s up with these crooks?

  • Elvira

    I have heard this from many people that have played at three of their casinos and they are fed up and won’t spend their money in any Seminole Casino.

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